6 things that should never be part of your live stream

These pros got it right!
Sonicbox shooting with Pandie Suicide in Venice Beach, California.
These pros got it right! Sonicbox shooting with Pandie Suicide in Venice Beach, California.

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We’ve already introduced you to 5 of Hong Kong’s up-and-coming live streamers broadcasting to you direct from www.sonicbox.com. Now let us enlighten you with some tips on how to live stream like a pro, or at least how to avoid the worst pitfalls of live broadcasting.

#1: Accidental nudity

There are certain things that will never belong in your live stream, whatever platform you’re on. Painting, sure. Playing the banjo, awesome! Random naked person. Ermmm… not so much.

Picture this: you’re innocently live streaming in your flat when you suddenly realize that you’ve been filming your neighbor’s naked booty shaking through the window the whole time. Trust us, it happens. We live in pretty close quarters here, after all. This might also explain why one of your videos is more popular than the others… Wait, this might not be such a bad thing after all!

Sometimes the nudity might even be a self-inflicted fail. Say you’re shooting a sexy makeup selfie while getting ready for a party. Don’t forget to check for mirrors in the background that might be exposing some of your more (ahem) personal bits. Otherwise you might end up shooting a totally different type of live stream…

#2: Accidents IRL

It’s true that sometimes the best live streams happen spontaneously when you’re walking down the street or in the middle of a crowd. We get it! What we do not get is when people, because they have their phones/cameras outstretched, suddenly feel free to bump everyone out of the way. You might just have an audience in real life (IRL, get it?) that isn’t too happy about it. We know Hong Kong’s crowded and all, but please don’t compromise the last shred of decency that’s holding our society together to get that one perfect shot.

Also, don’t attempt the Sogo crossing in Causeway Bay while live streaming yourself on your phone. That clip is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

#3: Forgetting your audience exists

Live streaming might feel a bit one sided at first when you’re staring at yourself and your phone, but remember there’s always an audience at the other end. And whatever platform you’re on, that audience is probably getting a notification that you’re online. They’re choosing to tune in and see what you’re up to, so talk to them like you would a friend. Share something cool you’re doing or seeing or creating. In other words, focus on the audience, not yourself.

#4: Being too rehearsed

Don’t look too rehearsed, that might be a little too far, and probably too rigid. This is live streaming after all. People are tuning in to see your spontaneous reactions and to interact with you up close and digitally. You might even be live streaming certain things that you can’t possibly rehearse, like gaming. In that case, all bets are off and we wish you the best.

#5: Or not rehearsing at all

On the other hand, if your goal when live streaming is anything more than “get a few likes” or “share this cool experience with my friends” then it might be important to rehearse. That’s right, live streaming is reaching new levels and broadcasting is serious business.

So if you’re really into it, go ahead and practice what you’re going to do and say. This might be as simple as going over it in your head before you tap record, or as complex as having a dress rehearsal with multiple people. It all depends on what and who you’re streaming.

#6: Oversharing

Live streaming is for singing, dancing, showing off a cool outfit or a delicious brunch and maybe a funny cat video or two. Ok, it’s for a lot of other things too but it’s definitely not for non-stop live-action selfies, unless you’re Kylie Jenner. And if you are Kylie Jenner, what the hell are you reading this story for?! Go back and post a duck selfie, damnit, your fans are waiting!

Same goes for live streaming sensitive, personal things. Getting a tattoo removed? No one wants to see that. Unless it’s a really funny tattoo fail that you totally regret. Actually that sounds kind of funny. You better go live stream it.

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t switch from horizontal to vertical video in the middle of your live stream unless you want your viewers’ heads to turn at an inhuman 90 degree angle to keep up with you.

*Drops mic.*

Now that you’ve met Hong Kong’s live streaming ladies, and you know what not to do on camera, why not join Sonicbox and share your beautiful ____ (insert talent or body part here) with the world? Just go to www.sonicbox.com and become a broadcaster today.

Final tip: while you’re there, check out other broadcasters and see what they’re all about. Learn from them and figure out what type of live stream works best.

Happy streaming!

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