Looking for a taste of British quality? Sainsbury’s launches product line in Hong Kong!

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Looking for a reason to finally put that kitchen to good use? Or are you already a home cook, whipping up delicacies and plating like a pro? Either way you’ll be excited for this culinary news: Sainsbury’s, the beloved British food provider, is now available in Hong Kong.

Sainsbury’s has a long-held heritage in the UK and a reputation for high quality ingredients. A bit of history for you: The brand, founded by John James Sainsbury, opened up its first shop in London in 1869. Now it’s one of the largest retailers in the entire UK.

Sainsbury’s works closely with farmers, growers and producers to source the best raw materials from around the globe for its brands, which include a vast range of quality products – all with authentic UK flavors.

There are four different product ranges, which go from reliable pantry staples to top quality items, namely, “by Sainsbury’s”, “SO Organic”, “Taste the Difference” and “freefrom”. Better yet, the products are quality tested in the UK and include organic items with certification too. You won’t find any genetically modified ingredients in Sainsbury’s product ranges. So take a moment to take it all in on your next supermarket shopping spree; you’re promised nothing but the best.

We’ve chosen a few faves from Sainsbury’s product range now available in Hong Kong; four that satisfy everyday needs and four that satisfy that irksome craving for something authentically British.


For everyday needs, check out (get it?) Dark Roast Instant Coffee, blended from carefully selected Robusta beans, roasted to energetic and bold perfection. Sainsbury’s Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil is another staple that belongs in your pantry. The EVOO is not treated with chemicals or altered by temperature to ensure the best taste possible.

The next two items are so closely intertwined that you practically can’t have one without the other: high quality Spaghetti and tasty Onion and Garlic Sauce. Sainsbury’s spaghetti is made the traditional way, by a family-run business in Campania, in Southern Italy with six generations of experience. The pasta sauce is an aromatic blend of tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil with big, punchy traditional Italian flavors. The only additives are the inevitable compliments that you cooking will receive. Yum!

To indulge in a real British experience in Hong Kong try Sainsbury’s British Mature Cheddar and Pim Stuffed Olives. Go ahead, throw these two items into a toasted sandwich and you’re good to go! Sainsbury’s is also introducing their signature Rich Tea Biscuits and SO Organic Strawberry Conserve, the unbeatable accompaniments to any daily tea ritual.

These staple products are great to mix and match for every meal. Try coffee and biscuits for breakfast, a bowl of stuffed olives with your lunch, spaghetti and meatballs topped with grated cheddar for dinner. If you can mix and match this much with eight products, just think of what you can do at home in your own kitchen!

Sainsbury’s products are now available at Market Place by Jasons, selected Wellcome, ThreeSixty and Jasons stores. And to sweeten the deal, if you purchase HKD70 or more of Sainsbury’s products at selected stores from May 12 – 25 you’ll get a cute and functional “Sainsbury’s” Goodness Bag too! (All you pay is the HKD0.5 shopping bag charge.)

Have we piqued your curiosity? Read more about Sainsbury’s British heritage, their enthusiasm about quality food and the Sainsbury’s brand in Hong Kong.

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