Hungry nerds, rejoice! McDonald’s selling pies for HK$3.14 on Pi Day

McDonald’s apple pie. Screenshot via McDonald’s.

If you’re someone who either doesn’t check the calendar or failed high school geometry, it may have escaped your attention that tomorrow is Pi Day (or π Day), the annual celebration of the mathematical constant used to calculate the area and circumference of circles.

The date, March 14 (i.e. 3/14), was chosen for its resemblance to the first three digits of pi, 3.14. Math geeks have been known to mark the day by reciting as many digits of pi as they can (the never-ending number starts off with 3.14159265359, in case you needed a refresher), watching the 1998 Darren Aronofsky psychological thriller Pi, and eating foods whose names begin with “pi” — including, obviously, pies.

That brings us to the part of this story of interest to nerd and layman alike: McDonald’s in Hong Kong will be celebrating the occasion by selling their beloved pies for, you guessed it, HK$3.14 (US$0.40) from 4am tomorrow until 3:59am on March 15, Headline Daily reports.

(Far be it from us to quibble, but they’re technically cheating: since Hong Kong doesn’t have a one-cent coin, the pies will actually cost HK$3.10.)

The apple pies at the fast food giant typically cost HK$7 (US$0.89), while special pies, like the red bean and custard pie, cost a bit more at HK$8 (about US$1.)

The offer is available at all McDonald’s outlets, unless you’re unlucky enough to find yourself at Ocean Park, the Sha Tin racecourse, the Happy Valley racecourse, or the departure hall of Hong Kong International Airport.

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