4 things to do in Hong Kong while someone else braves the supermarket

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While embarking on a big supermarket shop is no fun anywhere, we dare say it’s extra annoying in Hong Kong, given our large population, lack of space and complete absence of free time. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that we’re all buzzing about honestbee.hk, a service whereby a trained personal shopper bee will do all the hard work for you and deliver the goods to your home within a one-hour delivery window of your choosing, completely free for orders over HKD250.

But what will you do with all that extra time on your hands? Here are four ideas to get you thinking:

Stand in line for Hong Kong’s best biscuits

Most Hongkongers are well versed on the legendary status of Jenny’s Bakery – but, seriously, ain’t nobody got time to stand in that line, even if those irresistibly crumbly butter biscuits are good enough to have sparked a counterfeit cookie black market. But deny yourself no longer, as when someone else is doing your shopping you can totally justify waiting god knows how long for the best cookies in the territory. Just make sure you haven’t put normo biscuits on your honestbee shopping list!

Take your lover to a one-hour hotel room, just because

If you’re at the stage in life where you’re considering using a service like honestbee to do your weekly grocery shop, chances are you’re past the stage of having to sneak around with your other half. However, sometimes sneaking around can be fun, especially if you get to enjoy a quintessential Hong Kong experience while you’re at it. Spend that extra time you now have pretending you’re a teenager and take your lover to one of the many by-the-hour hotels in Causeway Bay or Kowloon Tong. Just don’t go in there with a black light, whatever you do.

Try Chinese cupping therapy

If you’re a fan of alternative medicine and have eyes, you’ll no doubt have wondered about the effectiveness of Chinese cupping therapy after seeing various fellow Hongkongers walking around with what look like huge hickies all over their bodies. The therapy, which traditionally employs heat to create a vacuum in order to suck sections of skin into little glass jars, is thought to have been used for thousands of years in China to treat everything from colds and flu to blood disorders, skin problems and fertility issues. Although Western science is yet to prove the effectiveness of cupping, celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are known to be fans, as are many of the world’s top athletes. Why not find out for yourself if it sucks or not (get it?) now you’ve got a spare hour?

Feel the burn running up the ICC

Some Hongkongers are so darn fit these days that they no longer feel the burn, even after the most punishing of cross fit sessions. Here’s one workout we guarantee will cripple you for the next two days, though. Get yourself in training for the annual Vertical World Circuit this December by running up the stairs of Hong Kong’s highest building, the ICC. If you’re looking for a time to aim for, the record is just under 12 minutes. But with 82 floors and more than 2,000 steps, we’ve got a feeling you’re shopping could have been done a few times over by the time you reach the top.

For more info on the wonders of other people doing your shopping, visit honestbee.hk. Use the promo code “HKCOCO100” for HKD100 off a HKD350 minimum spend until July 17.

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