Songkran in Hong Kong: A huge water fight in Kowloon City’s Little Thailand (PHOTOS)

Thailand’s Songkran Water Festival, which celebrates the arrival of the new year, has become world-famous for essentially being the world’s most epic water fight. It originally started with the ritual cleansing of one’s sins with a splash of water, but now it’s become a full-on party that leaves everyone soaked to the bones with a mixture of H2O, alcohol, and talcum powder. 

We’re sorry to let you know that you missed Hong Kong’s own little Songkran yesterday, which takes place every year in the area known as “Little Thailand” in Kowloon City – and this year’s was the local celebration’s most festive one yet. 

Thais, locals and foreigners alike join in the festivities on Tak Ku Ling Street, using super soakers, buckets and hoses to drench absolutely everyone with water.

It may not have been the best day for water conservation in Hong Kong, but we’ve never seen an event that was so successful in bringing together Hong Kong’s residents. Kids and adults from all walks of life participated with such unadulterated joy, many after stumbling upon the party completely unawares. 

Tak Ku Ling Street was completely taken over by the festival.

Wet denim is the worst, but these women didn’t care.

Some were not so happy to get a water gun stream in their face despite their best preparations. 

These ladies were probably having the best time out of anyone.

Cars passing through the street didn’t seem to mind the free car wash. 

Local restaurants and shops provided free-flowing sources of water.

Both private cars and delivery trucks fell victim to tiny, gun-wielding menaces.

A well-equipped participant pauses to give a peace sign.

The woman on the left spent all day handing out shots, to the dismay of nobody whatsoever.

We’re pretty sure people will be coughing up little clouds of talcum powder for the next few days.

Even being carried high above the crowd wasn’t enough to be protected from the spray.

Talcum powder was smeared on any clean face in sight – and with everyone getting constantly showered, powder was constantly re-applied.

*Evil, maniacal laughter*

This is what it looks like when someone points a high-pressure hose into your camera lens.

No one’s ever looked so happy to be in a plastic poncho. 

Though apprehensive at first, this daughter-father duo eventually joined in, with the little girl still on his shoulders.

This man very helpfully replenished everyone’s ammo in the messiest, most inefficient way ever. 

No one minded that the little shrine was getting soaked.

Half a second later, that stream was pointing directly at the camera. 

The hoses had only two settings: off, or really, really, high. 

No one showed any mercy.

Especially not this girl. 

Even covered, sleeping babies were not safe from getting attacked with talcum powder!

This girl is apparently unamused by the revelers.

To the face!

Some cars loved driving through so much that they came back around for a second go! This car did not take the barrage of water helplessly: it started shooting windshield wiper fluid out of spigots under its headlights. 

A poor deliveryman unluckily had to drop off an order of ice right on this street.

At 5pm, a procession featuring a statue of Buddha and a band walked through the street.

And the crowd got even rowdier.

This drummer braved the powder-thick air and kept to the beat.

We’re still shaking out the water out of our ears, but we already can’t wait for next year’s edition! 

Words/Photos: Laurel Chor/Coconuts Media

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