Pillow Fight Day 2015 – The Photos

Another year, another chance for Hongkongers to unleash their feathery fury as the city played host to the largest outdoor brawl that won’t get you arrested this weekend.

Hundreds of people gathered at Chater Garden on Saturday, fancy dress/PJs-clad, feathery friends in hand, for the Fifth Hong Kong Pillow Fight Day. Some came in teams, although in the end, it was every man and woman for themselves.

The “fight” went on for roughly 45 minutes. However, due to the heat and humidity, many took to the sidelines within the first 10 minutes. 

After the final blow was struck, the majority did the right thing and stayed to clean up the spent feathers. By 5.30pm, the park was as good as new. 

Master of Ceremonies Tom Grundy, from awesome blog Hong Wrong, said that the turnout for this year was double that of last year, making it the biggest pillow fight event in the city yet.

He also added that Hong Kong deserves to let off some steam after a year the city’s had, before he was pummelled by some twenty pillow fighters. 

On to next year!

Photos: Kevin Dharmawan/Coconuts Media

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