Singapore Tourism Board: Generating excitement for the Singapore Food Festival

Photo: Facebook / Singapore Hawker Nights
Photo: Facebook / Singapore Hawker Nights

In July 2018 we worked with Singapore Tourism Board to raise awareness and interest in the Singapore Food Festival. We used a series of branded content campaigns to entice readers to check out Singapore’s biggest food festival in person.

Overall, our campaign garnered 1,796,520 impressions, including a Facebook reach of 256,348 people, with 1,270 people liking, sharing, or commenting on Facebook.

We chose to launch with our most premium branded content campaign, #GoCoconuts. This includes a gorgeous full-width header image and ad-free layout so readers have zero distractions. But who could get distracted reading about an epic food festival that is 25 years in the making?

We Facebooked, we tweeted, and we racked up 941,331 impressions. But we weren’t finished yet.

Next up, we launched a Coco Creative campaign to highlight the arts and culture activities that were part of the festival. Your average foodie might not even know about these events. It was up to us to spread the word. Our campaign received 409,662 impressions on all channels, including 22,985 page views.

Our next and final Coco Creative drilled down into the delicious details of the food festival. Our article, 8 dining events at the Singapore Food Festival 2018 that the foodie in you will beg you to attend, was read 17,170 times, with readers spending an average of about a minute on the page.

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