Hilton: Custom video production and unique travel guides

We helped Hilton showcase some of their most fascinating locations in Southeast Asia with custom video productions and travel guides.

Our first two destinations were Mandalay and Manila. Hilton wanted to take advantage of our travel-loving audience in Singapore (Find out more about our audience here.) and our travel editorial expertise, so we put our heads together to uncover unique cultural experiences in each city that haven’t been ‘grammed to death… yet.

We produced custom videos featuring a real-life couple traveling for short-haul trips to Mandalay and Manila. We chronicled their adventures in in-depth travel guides to inspire readers to recreate the experience.

Our Mandalay campaign gained an impressive 2,149,068 total impressions and 336,697 engagement minutes. Within a few weeks our video about Mandalay gained 48,412 views on YouTube and 275,768 views and a massive 29,559 reactions, shares, and comments on Facebook.

Our campaign for Manila achieved total impressions of  1,556,441, with readers and viewers engaged for 423,974 minutes. The video received 60,613 views on YouTube and 557,493 views on Facebook with 3,550 reactions, shares, and comments.

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As Hilton developed its Hilton Discover platform, they looked to produce more content that could be housed and amplified on their own channels. The next destination to highlight was Ngapali, Myanmar.

Our in-house production team, Coconuts TV, flew to Ngapali with a new couple to showcase the beach town’s authentic, off-the-beaten-path cultural experiences.

Each of these three videos included time spent on pre-production, casting, talent, scripting, and development. There was a medium-sized crew on set handling specialized roles. Post-production included editing, graphics, color grading, and sound mixing.

For the Ngapali Adventure video, Hilton reached our audience with high impact video outstream ads on Coconuts.

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