Right to love: Marriage-rights supporters parade for equality (Photo Essay)


Ten couples and hundreds of supporters staged a “marriage parade” recently in traditional Thai style to call for marriage equality in Thailand.

Although political gatherings have been strictly banned since the May coup, the khan-maak style procession was supported by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and faced no challenge as participants marched from the Giant Swing to City Hall to bring attention to a campaign for marriage equality in Thailand.

Here’s what some of the activists – most of whom did not want their full names used – had to say about marriage equality in Thailand.

“I want everybody to able to get married to the person they love. We all deserve to have the same rights,” said Noey who joined the parade with her partner, Oz.

“Personally, I believe the Equal Marriage Act would help people to accept people in the LGBTQ community without restriction,” said Pare, who was there with her partner of two years, Zoe.

“People will feel more encourage to stand out for themselves instead of being in the closet if we were recognized by the act,” said Bank who joined the parade with his partner, Cap. “We all should be proud of who we are.”

“After we feel more settled with work, we want to build a family of our own. Maybe we’ll adopt a child. For now we have our own puppy,” said Beer and Air, a couple for four years.

After the parade ended, people gathered inside the BMA building to exchange personal experiences related to the equal marriage issues and living everyday life as LGBTQ people.

“I believe that our society has opened up for LGBTQ people but with a restriction,” said Kath Khangpiboon, Thai Transgender Alliance member. “To be honest, I don’t think the equal marriage act would be passed anytime soon, considering our political and legal situation. But it doesn’t mean we can let this issue be forgotten.”

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