Night owls’ favorite market: Siam Gypsy Market at JJ Green

By Watsamon Tri-yasakda

Whether you call it the Siam Gypsy Market, Chatuchak Green Night Market or just “JJ Green,” this night market is the now place for Bangkokian night owls.

Located near the once happy home of the Rot Fai Market before it was forcibly moved, JJ Green channels the same vibe and draws the same crowd.
Before JJ Green opened about two years ago, it was the Siam Gypsy Market, a must-go spot for lovers of the classic and antique in the Ratchada area before moving its act to the JJ Green community mall, next to the famous weekend market.

Located on Kamphaeng Phet 3 road behind the Jatujak park, JJ Green is lifestyle community mall open from 10am -to10pm every day. Inside visitors will find shops, restaurants and food areas. It looks like a normal community mall but becomes much funkier at night.

As the sun vanishes, the night hawks emerge. From 5pm to midnight Thursdays through Sundays, the Siam Gypsy Market attracts eclectic crowds. While many early birds pre-heat their feast of shopping across the river at the Wang Lang Market or Chatuchak Weekend Market before settling into the night at JJ Green.

The vibe of Siam Gypsy Market hearkens to the old Train Market, especially the parking lot zone. Indeed there’s a mix of familiar faces found from the Ratchada and train markets. Although the shopping area seems to be smaller than the old train market, it still takes shoppers more than an hour to navigate.

From the latest trends of American-style T-shirts to classic choppermaster’s leather jackets, shoppers can find all at more affordable prices for the new and the old. Popular items such as eyeglasses, sneakers, hats, cactii and dolls are sold by various vendors around the market with different prices depending on condition and quality. Feel free to bargain for what you think it’s worth.

The food area is pretty well organized and the chillax bars make JJ Green stand out from other crazy night markets, but, well, it’s still crazy here especially the early night time. You won’t be left hungry from your coolhunting, as there are plenty of food and drink vendors spread around.

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After refilling your closet and stomach, don’t miss all the vintage furniture stores along with classic bikes to take your kewl to the next level. Nineties’ kids can go soft or hard over the sight of Tamagotchis and Gameboys stacked with care.






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