Cat T-shirt Festival leaves hipsters purring (PHOTOS)


Photos: Watsamon Tri-yasakda / Words: Todd Ruiz

It’s difficult to say what makes an awesome cat T-shirt. Is it how cute the cat is? Is it how many cats are on the T-shirt? Or something even more subjective, like what the cat’s attitude and philosophy reveal of its owner?

Those were serious questions to purr over at the Cat T-shirt Festival, which was pretty much exactly what it sounds like. As a grown man with a reputation for wearing cute kitty T-shirts, I found the sight of so many impressively haired hipsters hawking and stocking up on them validating yet diminishing at the same time.

Held at the Makkasan Airport Rail Link station, the festival was organized by Cat (formerly Fat) Radio to promote their relaunch and artists, with performances by the likes of Desktop Error and Degaruda to Gene Kasidit and Yellow Fang.

Large crowds of torn-jeans and tattooed hipsters stormed the station, most unconcerned with how awful the music sounded. (Did no one realize a semi-enclosed expanse of concrete was acoustic suicide?)

That was okay as the real stars were the hundreds of cats beaming from the cotton T-shirts sold by more than 100 vendors, all of which were asked to produce at least one cat-themed shirt for the show. (Yes there were plenty of noncat shirts ‒ even some dawgshirts.) Photo-realistic renderings, abstract sketches, interpretive Grumpy cats, whimsical cartoons and some of the cutest cat shirts ever assembled under one roof were for sale, most from THB250 to 300.

Given “No. 1” was appended to the event’s name, anyone who cat-napped through this weekend can wait for next year. Hopefully the music will be as awesome as the kitties.

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