We’re removing ads for COCO+ Members and loosening our paywall

Happy Monday, dear Coconuts readers!

We’ve got two announcements regarding our COCO+ Member program. 

1. COCO+ Members will now enjoy a display ad-free experience when logged in on Coconuts.co.

You’ve spoken and we’ve listened – removing ads for logged-in members has been one of the top new benefits requested in our survey.

This will allow for a cleaner and faster Coconuts.co browsing experience for members.

2. More Coconuts news and viral stories will be published without the paywall.   

As announced previously, we have implemented a dynamic paywall model whereby some of our stories are unblocked for all readers and others have a metered paywall applied.

Looking at the bigger picture goal of COCO+: Our aim is not to aggressively block people from reading our content – or to incessantly force you to open incognito windows! – but to drive sustainable reader revenue from our most loyal audience members.

So, starting today, we will be applying the paywall less on breaking news and viral stories. With stories like these, it’s more important that we publish information quickly to keep you informed with what’s happening in your city.

We’ll continue serving our metered paywall on news stories with exclusive information and original scoops, features, food & drink, and lifestyle stories. 

We humbly invite you to join COCO+ today.

And check out some of our latest and greatest Coconuts Originals!

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