Paywall: You’re outta here, Coconuts stories are free for all

Today we are announcing the removal of our paywall on all Coconuts stories.

This change is effective immediately on all newly published stories and will be phased in over the next week on those previously published.

There are a few main reasons for this:

  • In this climate, we want Coconuts stories to be free and accessible for all. The paywall by nature blocked people from reading our stories, limiting access for those who didn’t pay and limiting the reach of Coconuts. Our traffic has grown by about 10% so far in 2020, but we will be able to reach even more readers and make a bigger impact without the paywall.
  • We saw a big spike in COCO+ Member sign ups when we announced and promoted the removal of the paywall on coronavirus stories in March. This opened our eyes to the possibility that many may want to support Coconuts regardless of paywall, and that it may not actually be an effective tool to drive membership.

This does not mean the end of COCO+ Membership at all, but the value proposition is changing.

Rather than being a transactional subscription – whereby you pay for access to content – it is now a true membership program – whereby Coconuts stories are free for everyone but super-fans can monetarily support our independent journalism, and get added member benefits.

Now, new COCO+ Members will be able to pay any amount they want starting at US$5, recurring on a yearly basis.

COCO+ Member benefits will continue and expand because, with the paywall gone, we will now focus more on things like giveaways, discounts, and events – virtual for the time being, of course.

We want to take the opportunity to profusely thank our thousands of COCO+ Members here.

You took a chance joining one of the first membership and paywall programs in Asia, and we are infinitely grateful for your support.

To see some examples of the original journalism you’ve helped fund, check out the stories below.

With gratitude,

The Coconuts Team


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