HAPPY BIRTHDAY COCONUTS: Some of our favorite stories from over the past decade are now limited edition wall art



September 15, 2021 marks the 10-year anniversary of when the first-ever Coconuts article hit the web, so we’ve decided to launch some special, limited edition merch so you Coconauts, our dear readers, can help us celebrate!

Over the past decade, Coconuts has covered all sorts of news across Southeast Asia and Hong Kong from the hard-hitting to the cute viral cat happenings.

We’ve decided to immortalize some of our most popular stories across our eight city sites for you to hang on your wall with these limited edition flags featuring a sampling of truly weird and wondrous headlines. We’ve only made 10 of each city flag, so you better grab them while you can!

BALI: Photo of mermaid on rubbish-filled Kuta beach welcomes Bali’s tidal trash wave this year (2021)

No one (that we know, anyway) dreams of encountering a mermaid lying amid a pile of rubbish in Bali, but that’s exactly an image that went hugely viral on Kuta Beach.

BANGKOK: Rampaging, thirsty lizard terrifies Bangkok 7-Eleven (2021)

Remember when godzilla broke out of the cinemas and has rampaged through one of Thailand’s 7-Elevens? That’s a story you need memorialized on your wall for the world to see.

Coconuts Turns 10 BKK poster

HONG KONG: ‘Maid’s room’ in new Hong Kong development not even big enough for a single bed (2015)

A luxury three-bedroom in a Hong Kong flat featured a “maid’s room” that wasn’t not even big enough for a single bed. What was this place designed for ants or something?

JAKARTA: Scientists prove vampire squirrels of Borneo have fluffiest tails in the world (2015)

Vampire squirrels are indeed a thing living in the wilds of Borneo and you can be darn sure they’ve got the fluffiest tails of all. That’s science, folks! Boom!

KL: 10 English words that have been completely bastardized by Malaysians (2015)

When the British first stepped their dainty shoe-buckled feet onto Malayan soil nearly 250 years ago, a torrid love affair was sparked between the two cultures. A brood of illegitimate words were spawned over the centuries. We rounded up 10 of the most beautiful bastards.

MANILA: 2020 Gets Weirder: Ostrich runs loose in Quezon City (2020)

An ostrich ran loose in a Quezon City gated community, bringing unusual comic relief to Filipinos stressed by the pandemic. Now you can remember this ostrich’s joy run post-pandemic too (if that ever happens).

SINGAPORE: These photos of ’80s Singapore will make your jaw drop (2013)

In 1980, Parisian photographer Alain Soldeville visited Singapore and discovered a legion of androgynous beauties at Bugis Street, of whom he has amassed an amazing gallery of photos. His photos literally made all our jaws drop.

YANGON: Being a doctor made her parents proud. Going on OnlyFans made her rich. (2020)

She became a national sex symbol with 2 million followers and counting between Facebook and Instagram. But her new career closed doors behind her in culturally conservative Myanmar. Now that’s breaking out of the mold.

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