Coconuts to stream audio news for Google Assistant-enabled devices

Coconuts audio news updates will be available on Google Nest Hub.
Coconuts audio news updates will be available on Google Nest Hub.

Hey Google, give me some Coconuts?

Home automation got a lot juicier today with tech giant Google’s announcement that Coconuts will create content for its Google Nest Hub systems, which officially launched today in Singapore.

Coconuts will create regular audio news content in its signature informative and entertaining style that users can access via voice commands to their Google-powered personal assistant technology.

“We’re excited to partner with Google to deliver the top-trending stories from Coconuts to the Nest Hub for folks in Singapore and beyond,” founder and CEO Byron Perry said. “I’m personally interested to see what news consumption patterns are driven by audio and AI.”

Update: Introducing The Coconuts Podcast, available now everywhere

The flagship in its series of home automation devices, the voice-controlled Google Nest Hub comes with a 7-inch touchscreen and speakers, and can be used to control a home’s lights, entertainment and thermostat. It can also check messages, be used as a calendar, or simply serve as an incredibly fancy digital photo frame.

Any device with Google Assistant, including Google’s legacy line of home assistant devices, can play Coconuts news briefings.

To add Coconuts to your Google home device or Google Assistant services, use the Google Home or Google app. 

In Google Home, select your account icon in the bottom right, then Settings then the Services tab. Using the Google app, choose “More …” at the bottom right, then Settings, then Google Assistant then the Services tab.

From there, select News and then scroll down to “Add news sources.” Find Coconuts in the list below and click the checkmark to add it. #ProTip: Above the list, set your region to “English (Singapore)”, English (Malaysia)” or “English (Philippines)” for a much shorter list.

You can then tune it into Coconuts by telling the device “Tell me the news” or “Play Coconuts news.”

In Singapore, Google Nest Hub can be purchased from Challenger, Courts, and M1 and includes a free Google Assistant-compatible Mi Home Security Camera 360 by Xiaomi. Starting Monday, the same promotion will be offered via the localized Google Store.