Coconuts stands with Black Lives Matter and the global movement against systemic racism

We at Coconuts fully support Black Lives Matter and the wider anti-racism movement that has spread across the globe.

Black people in America have for too long been brutalized by the police, incarcerated unfairly, blocked from equal access to enrichment opportunities, and faced general systemic racism.

This needs to end.

One of the most positive impacts of the Black Lives Matter movement in our region is how it has spurred tough conversations about discrimination in Asia.

Examples are countless, but here’s a non-exhaustive list:

  • Indonesian Papuans who face widespread systemic disadvantages
  • Rohingyas driven out of Myanmar by state-sponsored ethnic cleansing
  • Migrant construction workers in Singapore and Malaysia, mainly South Asian, who are dehumanized and exploited
  • Regular use of blackface and brownface caricatures in entertainment and advertising across Asia
  • Widespread promotion of the notion that darker skin is less desirable in whitening cream advertising

One of our three core values at Coconuts is the promotion of equality and justice for all people, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or wealth. This value imbues everything that we do, both editorially and commercially.

We’re proud to say that we have an incredibly diverse staff, including senior management.

Not only are our employees comprised of many different races, many are multiracial or in multiracial marriages, or parents of multiracial children. In short, we’re a melting pot and this diversity makes us stronger by allowing us to see issues from many different perspectives.

In line with our core values, the main way that we fight racism at Coconuts is by publishing stories exposing it and promoting equality and understanding.

This movement’s got a long way to go. But something seems to have clicked globally, and it seems we’re just getting started.

We will continue pushing for equality and advancing the conversation about racism in the countries that we cover.

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