Coconuts launches 3 live show formats to combat pandemic boredom

With staff stuck at home and video productions on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Coconuts has launched three new live show formats: ISODATE, 30 Cuisines in 30 Days, and Coco Chats.

The shows are produced remotely by the Coconuts team around Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and streamed live on YouTube, in the case of ISODATE and 30 Cuisines in 30 Days, and Instagram for Coco Chats.

“Being stuck at home means that we have a captive audience and live content allows everyone who watches to be more connected. The interactive commenting aspect of these shows adds a new layer of excitement and engagement which brings these shows to life,” said Vim Shanmugam, Coconuts TV Head of Content and Production.


On ISODATE, blind dates between strangers who are stuck at home during the pandemic (but still looking for love) are broadcast live on the Coconuts TV YouTube channel.

Will sparks fly? Or will the cringe be unbearable? We really don’t know, and that’s sort of the point. This is live romantic dating action!

Prospective matches bravely share a meal and their best (and worst) pick-up lines over webcam with the audience. Audience participation is very welcome, and viewers get to ask the happy soon-to-maybe-be-couple some hard-hitting questions in the live comments section.

ISODATE premiered on YouTube live on May 15, 2020. Our next episode airs live this Friday at 5pm Bangkok/6pm Singapore.

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Travel may still be restricted in most countries, but that doesn’t have to apply to your taste buds. This is a mukbang-style daily show with Tara Rattanaphas as host from her apartment in Bangkok. For 30 days straight, viewers try their absolute best not to lick their screens as she samples dishes from a new cuisine daily. What cuisine will she try out next?

30 Cuisines in 30 Days works well as a live show because it’s spontaneous and offers great opportunities for interacting with our audience while we’re all stuck at home. Half the fun is chatting with viewers over the live comments and seeing their reactions to my reactions,” says Tara Rattanaphas, Managing Director of Grove, Coconuts Brand Studio, and host 30 Cuisines in 30 Days. 

30 Cuisines in 30 Days premiered on YouTube live on May 18, 2020. New episodes are live every day at 1pm Bangkok/2pm Singapore until June 16, 2020.

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Last but not least, Coconuts has been taking to Instagram Live to interview interesting and notable individuals from around Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. Each episode features a different member of the Coconuts team interviewing a notable person on a compelling topic. We’ve spoken about hip hop in Asia with rapper Yung Raja, being LGBTQ+ in Indonesia with singer-songwriter Kai Mata, and Bangkok’s drag scene with the inimitable Pangina Heals. Our biggest guest so far has been renowned Indonesian filmmaker Joko Anwar, who spoke with Indonesia MAnaging Editor Andra Nasrie.

Coco Chats premiered on Instagram live on April 14, 2020. New episodes are live every Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm Bangkok/1pm Singapore.

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A chat with legendary Indonesian filmmaker Joko Anwar.

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