COCO+ Tote Bag: Wear your discerning taste, rakish insouciance, and rock-solid literacy all on one shoulder

Fresh, original reporting on the weirdest, wackiest, and most wondrous stories across Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. Giveaways for cool stuff that we covet for ourselves. Entry into events that we hand-pick for you.

Now we’re delivering on another COCO+ benefit, this one exclusively for Yearly Members: our awesome canvas tote bag. We worked with an indie design agency to get it just right — and we’re pretty proud of the result.

Our Coconuts crew is chuffed to have them. Here they are, out and about in Bangkok and Singapore, with their new COCO+ gear in tow.

We approached this project the same way that we do for giveaways and events: The tote has to be something that we ourselves would love to wear — for the women, the men, and the gender fluid among us. It had to have a design motif that represents who we are and the places we call home. That’s where that wicked tropical foliage illustration comes from.

The bag also has to be, well, a bag. We made it a roomy one, so that it’s versatile enough for work and for weekends — it’s our hope that this bag will serve your many needs, whether it’s to carry your laptop or your groceries.

COCO+ Tote Bag

COCO+ Tote Bag

While we’re on the subject: We’re all about reducing our environmental footprint… and refusing to use plastic bags at the grocery store is one of the simplest, most effective ways to do that.

By using our COCO+ tote bag, you’re also showing your support for local journalism with a region-wide reach — that Coconuts magic sauce that keeps our reporters in Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali, Jakarta, KL, Manila, and Yangon digging deep into the best news, current events, pop culture, food, and lifestyle stories in their cities.

COCO+ Tote Bag

COCO+ Tote Bag

A big, emphatic THANK YOU to all of our current subscribers. We hope you’ll love your totes as much as we do. These babies are only for COCO+ Yearly members, so if you’re a regular Coconuts reader and would like a bag, too, then we’ll send one your way once you join our membership program. 

Join COCO+ as a Yearly Member today, and we’ll throw in this gorgeous tote bag… totally free!

COCO+ Tote Bag

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COCO+ Tote Bag

COCO+ Tote Bag

COCO+ Tote Bag