COCO+: Free trial, Coconuts Colloquiums events, and dynamic paywall launched

Greetings, Coconauts!

It’s been eight months since we launched the COCO+ Membership program and we have been absolutely delighted by the response.

We want to give a humongous thanks to the multitudinous members who have signed up so far. Your subscription allows us to focus less on chasing clicks and more on producing original stories like this investigation into a demonic yoga guru in Thailand, this photo feature on women giving birth in the rubble of the Lombok earthquake, and our new “In 60 Seconds” mini-documentary format (amongst others).

And now, for some announcements:

COCO+ Free Trial

We have launched a 30-day free trial to give interested Coconuts readers who may be on the fence a month to experience the resplendent benefits of being a full COCO+ Member. Sign up today with no payment, cancel any time before your trial ends, and you won’t be charged a cent. During your free trial – and after, should you choose to continue – you will gain access to unlimited Coconuts content, regular giveaways, and free entrance to Coconuts events throughout the region. Give COCO+ a whirl for 30 days free!

Coconuts Colloquiums

On the subject of events, we’re very excited to launch our Coconuts Colloquiums series. We want to shake up boring panel discussions with a fast-paced and conversational format, increased audience participation, and lots of free food and drinks.

Our very first Coconuts Colloquium, a conversation about influencer marketing in Singapore, took place last month, and we’re running discussions about the food scene in Bangkok this Thursday, Nov. 22, and in Hong Kong on Nov. 29. Manila, KL, Jakarta, Bali, Yangon – we see you, and we’re cooking up Coconuts Colloquiums in your fair cities very soon.

Coconuts Colloquiums are free for COCO+ Members, while non-members can purchase tickets.

Dynamic Paywall

Lastly – after several months of A/B testing, data crunching, and surveying – we have settled on how we will be implementing our paywall on moving forward.

Starting now, our paywall will operate dynamically rather than on a straightforward meter of X number of free stories per month.

What this means is that:

  • Some content will be totally unblocked. This will generally be certain breaking news or viral stories, branded content, food and lifestyle news updates, and stories published from our third-party licensors like Agence France-Presse.
  • The majority of our content will have a metered paywall applied, meaning that visitors will get to read a limited amount of these stories per month before hitting the paywall. This includes exclusive news scoops, in-depth features, food and lifestyle reviews, interviews, and more – really anything with original reporting and analysis.
  • Lastly, a small segment of our content will be fully blocked and accessible to members only. Right now, the only content we plan to release this way is premieres of original Coconuts TV videos, which will be “windowed” for members only first before being fully released to our entire audience.

For more thoughts on why we launched the COCO+ Membership initiative, give our launch announcement a read here.

Remember that with any free online service, you are the product, and, quite literally, you are giving away your valuable personal data to be sold by monopolistic tech platforms – usually Facebook and Google – to the highest bidder.

We want our readers and viewers to be our customers, not our product. That’s why we’re investing so heavily in building our COCO+ audience-generated revenue stream.

We humbly invite you to join COCO+ today. Onward!