What a dump! dump truck spontaneously discharges under bridge, minor injuries result

Traffic accidents are hardly rare in Bangkok, but drivers on King Kaew – Lat Krabang Road on the outskirts of Bangkok were “treated” to the sight of an especially unusual traffic mishap Monday afternoon.

A 22-wheel dump truck with an allegedly faulty mechanism discharged its bed while passing under a foot bridge, sending the cab and driver flying into the air. Early investigation showed that the truck may have had poorly working parts that caused its bed to release as the driver switched gears below the bridge.

Driver Bin Sawangphop, 35, suffered only minor chest and mouth injuries.

Bin told the police that he was returning to Ang Thong after delivering a load of stone to an airport building site. He told officials that he heard a loud noise and remembered being thrown against the steering wheel before flying into the air in the cab.

Photo: @Dune1986

After he recovered from the panic, Bin said he climbed down and sought help.

The accident caused a 7-kilometer traffic backup during rush hour. Drivers were forced to wait until cranes arrived to free the wedged vehicle from beneath the bridge.

The unfortunate situation of the 22-wheeler and its driver is still under investigation.

Reports say that there was THB200,000 in damage done to public property. The bridge is being checked for structural damage.

Bin will be charged with negligent driving resulting in damage to public property and the company that owns the vehicle may be charged with operating a vehicle not in roadworthy condition, Thairath reported.


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