Thai passenger reportedly attempts to bring gas tank onto plane

Thailand’s airport security has been called into question after a passenger nearly boarded a plane with a gas tank today.

Facebook user NooNuchy PS posted photos of airport officers preventing a passenger from bringing a gas tank onto a plane as they got into a heated argument at Gate 74 at Terminal 2 of of Don Mueang International Airport this afternoon.

She said the airport staff spoke to the passenger and told him not to bring the objects in his suitcase onto the plane.

“When they opened his suitcase. Oh my God! It was a gas tank and other electronic equipment. The airport staff said they’re not allowed and the passenger asked why he wasn’t informed earlier, and they got into an argument.”

The post sparked criticism from netizens after it went viral this afternoon. It is not clear how he managed to get the items past security.

“How the hell did the problematic gas tank get to the gate? If the tank exploded, does it mean we all would have died? Thailand only!”

Judging from the photos, popular Facebook page Drama-Addict said that the tank actually contained refrigerant, liquids commonly used in air-conditioning systems.

Another popular theory is that the passenger may have put the tank in his checked bag, causing the airport staff to track him to the gate.

There has been no response from the Airports Authority of Thailand following the viral post.

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