Thai man travels 500,000km across Thailand to create Google Street View

Google has mapped out 150 new places of interest in Thailand with the help of Thai triathlete Panupong Luangsa-ard.  

Panupong travelled an estimated 500,000 kilometers using various transportation methods, and walked about 500 kilometers of it.

“While collecting just the tea plantations and strawberry fields, he burned through four pairs of shoes,” a Google rep said.

The new places include the Sukhothai Historical Park and ancient temples at Ayutthaya.

The entire quest to capture these sites took two years, with breaks on rainy days because the camera needs fair skies to get a clear shot, reported Mashable.

Panupong traveled across Thailand with a Google Trekker backpack that weighs about 18 kilograms, and extends about 2 feet above his shoulders. The camera battery lasts around six to eight hours on a full charge.

The backpack captures 360-degree photos.

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