Yikes! Corpse dumped in Isaan city’s drinking water

Unlucky residents of Nakhon Ratchasima discovered yesterday that the water reservoir they drink from had been contaminated by a half-cremated dead body.

Temple undertaker Manas Sribuadeng, 63, admitted to police he had failed to fully cremate the dead body, so he attempted to bury it but became tired after carrying the body around.

So he decided to dump the body in Huay Yang reservoir, which locals use for drinking water among other uses.

After the body was discovered by local residents, police tracked down the undertaker.

Manas told the police that the deceased man had died of tuberculosis and has family held a cremation on Dec. 6. He said he had tried to bury the body because he was afraid the family would discover he had failed to do the cremation properly.

Police are awaiting for the DNA results to confirm the identity of the deceased man.

Manas will be charged with violating public cleanliness laws, Khaosod English and Matichon reported.

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