Wrath of Thai interwebs dump on canal’s brown bomber (PHOTO)

Anti-Chinese tourist sentiments surged after a photograph made the rounds of someone shamelessly taking a daytime dump in one of Chiang Mai’s historic canals.

Posted to an anti-Chinese Facebook group, the image – purportedly taken Thursday – does indeed show what appears to be an old city canal of Chiang Mai. And forensic study confirms it really does show a rear-view of someone with their dumper fully submerged in the canal water.

Already feeling prickly about Chinese tourists’ penchant for cosplaying as Thai university students, netizens expressed outrage as it’s widely believed to be a Chinese traveler in the photo. That’s a little more difficult to prove, as the subject’s shirt does not read “Chinese tourist.”

However other commentators questioned the description. One insists the person in the photograph was a “crazy old man” who lives in the Tha Pae Gate area. Others said it’s unclear whether it’s a man or woman, let alone Thai or Chinese.

Full picture below.


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