#WorstHolidayEver: All the people whose holidays in Thailand went horribly wrong in 2016

Tourists come to Thailand hoping to have a blast and experience the culture of Bangkok, with its glittering temples and modern amenities, and the Thai islands, with their gorgeous beaches and ability to soothe the most stressed-out soul.

However, some holidays in the land of smiles go completely awry. Public blowjobs, 7-Eleven catfights and theft sprees were just some of the sticky situations that tourists in Thailand got into to this year.

We feel bad that these people had the #WorstHolidayEver, but we sure enjoyed telling you their stories.

Do you ever just innocently make friends with a stranger on the street and hope to spend some quality time getting to know them better in your hotel room? The hotel room where you have randomly stashed THB130,000 in cash?

Of course you have.

Well, it happened to this poor (well, now-poor) Canadian guy who innocently invited a nice Thai lady to his Holiday Inn hotel room in Phuket and woke up to find all of his money gone. It’s shocking.

He had the police come by for a pointing session. They warned him and all tourists to keep their belongings safe. All we have to say is: Why don’t these guys use ATMs instead of carrying so much cash?

This tall, blond Russian goddess thought it would be a great idea to wear a see-through dress to Wat Chalong in Phuket. The rest of the world didn’t agree. We feel better know that she may have the looks but might be lacking in the brains department.

The Phuket Tourist Police set her straight by forcing her to do an embarrassing public wai before sending her on her way.

This Chinese tourist went to see a snake show in Phuket and was invited up to the stage to give a little kiss to a reticulated python. Shockingly, this didn’t end well. The snake bit the tourist’s nose and she had to spend the rest of her vacation recovering in her hotel room with stitches in her nose.

This couple, who were exchange students in Chiang Mai on vacation on Koh Phi Phi, were having such an exciting time on Walking Street that they thought it might be fun to step into a public doorway and add some oral sex to their evening. A bunch of Thai locals didn’t agree. They orally harassed the drunken farang couple and filmed the incident until the shamed duo went on their way.

Of course, the police found them and forced a public wai out of the sexy duo, who already had some experience with lowering their heads.

A Hungarian man who went on vacation in Chiang Mai fell so in love with the city the he refused to leave it — even after he ran out of money. His solution to the problem? Start a life of thievery in order to stay in Thailand.

Before getting caught, he stole things including iPhones, motorbikes and plates of Thai street food.

This American guy in Pattaya, however, decided to steal something completely different. Over Songkran, this American man snuck up on a bar girl giving a sexy stage show. He proceeded to give her some surprise oral sex, earning him the nickname “Farang Burn,” which means head-giving farang.

Of course, the situation was rectified when he dropped by the police station with the girl in question to deliver an apologetic wai.

These two women in Ayutthaya attracted lots of attention on Thai social media for deciding to drop trou and sunbathe in their underwear in a public park in the ancient capital city. Thai people were stunned both by their outrageous behavior and their lack of fear of the sun.

The police forced the women to cover up and leave the park since they said that the women were putting themselves at risk for rape and assault.

These two Chinese tourists were so excited by their trip to a Thai 7-Eleven that they were piling loads of beauty products into their shopping baskets. When they came to the final packet of moisturizer, they got into a physical fight over it, yelling and pulling the item from each other while a Chinese man looked on nonchalantly. Someone was bright enough to tape this little catfight and it led to lots of bashing of Chinese tourists online.

The fight ended when it was broken up by a store employee informing the women that they had more of the product in stock.

These backpackers on Khaosan Road thought they were having the #BestHolidayEver but they were totally wrong. When the backpacker street flooded, they decided to don their swimsuits and swim in the sewage-flooded street.

The rest of the world was shocked after a local uploaded photos and video of the travelers swimming and lounging in the water to Twitter. People were surprised that the tourists could stand the smell of the flood waters, they were also concerned about the infectious diseases they could get from swimming in them.

The Twitter uploader, @Dickyman96, put it best when he commented on his own post, “Farangs are funny.” They sure are.

And, to cap off this list on a positive note, we have two fun-loving dudes that really did have the #BestHolidayEver. This pair of American best friends, whose families believe that they spend so much time together they must be a gay couple, came to Thailand together and filmed a bromantic vacation video to ease their families’ concerns.

Travis Henning and his best friend posted the hilarious video on YouTube. It featured the two involved in all sorts of sweet activities, from getting a manicure together, riding motorcycles shirtless, drinking iced coffee from the same glass while looking into each other’s eyes, and running into the wild holding hands.

The video was titled “Just Friends” and captioned: “Our families say we’re too close, but we say otherwise!”

We love these guys.



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