Woman goes to police after neighbors accuse her of being possessed by ghost

Most people stage an intervention when their friends are in trouble but, in Buriram, a woman was forced to meet an exorcist.

A woman in Buriram province filed a police complaint Sunday because her neighbors have been giving her a hard time. They think she’s possessed by a ghost.

Pan Saengsawang, 56, demanded that the police prosecute people in her village who accused her of being possessed by a pop, a ghost known for eating people’s livers.

Pan claimed the villagers have also forced her into a superstitious ceremony to evict the evil spirit inside her. The incident embarrassed Pan and alienated her even further from the people around her.

She also said they have been assaulting her for three years.

Asked why people think she’s possessed by a pop, Pan said her neighbor had cancer while another one had asthma, so the village blamed their illnesses on Pan and accused her of eating their insides.

On Sunday, Pan’s daughter, Natthanida, decided to take her mother to the police station. She frequently has to leave work to protect her mother from the neighborhood bullies, News Connect reported.

Two of her neighbors have been charged with defamation for spreading the rumor, according to Khaosod English.

A ghost hailing from the northeast, a pop has infinite hunger and takes human form to hunt. In Thai folklore, a pop feasts on human livers and savors live chickens.

How to evict a pop? Simply round up some folk dancers to perform the traditional Phi Fa dance because the ghost can’t stand that dance.

Think pop is rad? Check out Coconuts Bangkok’s Thai ghost guides for details about all kinds of things that go pop in the night.

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