Woman falls onto BTS tracks, train stops just in time

Photo: Twitter/ n_wilawan
Photo: Twitter/ n_wilawan

A woman fell onto the BTS tracks this morning, but the conductor of an oncoming train pulled the emergency brake just in time, saving the woman from being run over.

At 8:15am, the skytrain operator announced on their official Twitter that the accidental fall had occurred at Ratchathewi station, and that the woman in question — who has not been identified — had been rescued.

“A passenger fell onto the tracks, causing the train approaching Ratchathewi station and heading to Samrong to temporarily halt. At this moment, the passenger is now safe. Sorry for the inconvenience,” BTS tweeted in Thai.

The operator later added details on their official LINE account, saying that the unidentified passenger had fallen off the platform because she fainted.

“The woman who fainted and fell onto the tracks at Ratchathewi is now safe. Currently, the staff are taking care of her. She only received some bruises from the fall, but she’s safe and responsive,” the message sent at 8:40am readers.

The moment was captured by another Twitter user, who said that the accident had understandably sent commuters on the platform into panic.

“I think she fainted. People screamed and stuck their heads out to see what happened. I ducked behind the crowd because I was so scared. She was so lucky they pulled the emergency brake in time. She was safe.”

The train operator said that passengers may sit down on the platform if you ever feel light-headed, and staff will immediately assist you, (maybe after they’ve blown a whistle at you a few times.)

This morning’s accident is far from the first case — at least, five people have fallen onto the BTS tracks in the past four years.

The one death occurred in June last year, when a six-months pregnant woman was tragically killed after falling onto the Airport Rail Link tracks. The oncoming train was unable to stop in time.


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