Villagers claim Louis Vuitton toting monks involved in ‘suspicious activities’

Villagers who live near Wat Pa Khanti Dhamma in Si Sa Ket’s Kanthararom district are offering further revelations about the jet-setting, Louis Vuitton-toting monk who raised hackles across Thailand late last week.

According to the villagers, Wat Pa Khanti Dhamma, where head abbot/apparent materialist Luang Pu Nenkham Chattigo holds court, is suspiciously quiet much of the time. These villagers said that many of the temple’s monks are currently in France, and that high-ranking police officers and soldiers often visited the grounds.

The temple also has a helipad, which just…what?

The Bangkok Post reports that villagers have taken to steering clear of the temple, rather than tempt the wrath of these suspicious monks.

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