VIDEO: Best friends send bromantic Thailand vacation video to their parents who think they’re gay

Two American best friends are so close that their families swear they’re a gay couple, so they came to Thailand and filmed a bromantic vacation video to ease their conservative families’ concerns.

Travis Henning and his best friend yesterday posted a hilarious video themselves on YouTube doing all kinds of sweet activities from getting a manicure together, riding motorcycles shirtless, drinking iced coffee from the same glass while looking into each other’s eyes, and running into the wild holding hands.

The video was titled “Just Friends” and captioned: “Our families say we’re too close, but we say otherwise!”

Henning wrote on Reddit that the they are “openly straight,” but that their families are from the South and were getting a little concerned, reported Distractify.

Asked how his parents reacted, Henning said: “Spoke with my mom last week for her B-day. She asked me to stop making things like this.”

Well, it’s all fun and games until one of them gets a boner, according to a wise commenter on YouTube.

Meanwhile, here’s a list of the best gay bars in Bangkok. Because there’s more to life than just DJ station.


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