Vacationing Thais spend more time on smartphones than any other nationality: survey

Are Thais more addicted to their phones than any other travelers? According to a new study by, they are.

The study revealed that Thai vacationers sadly spend more time checking out their phones than seeing sights when they travel. Apparently, they spend only two hours per day doing tourist activities, such as hanging out on the beach and a whopping four hours per day staring at their smartphone.

This is the longest amount of phone time for vacationers from any of the 31 countries polled. The study, done in May, put Thais in first place. They were followed by Indian travelers, who spent 3.3 hours per vacation day on their phone; Malaysians, who spent 3.2 hours staring at the screen; and Chinese tourists, who spent 3.1 hours of each day of their holidays on their phones.

The study was based on 9,200 respondents. Some of the most remarkable things learned by the study were that 10 percent of travelers who answered spend more than seven hours of each vacation day with their phone in their hand and that 68 percent of that 9,200 said that they upload photos to social media to make others jealous, according to Bangkok Post.

Dan Craig, the senior director for mobile development at, noted that millennial travelers, in particular, spend more time on their phones than enjoying their destination.

But, to be fair, he said that many vacationers use their phones to find restaurants, things to do, directions and information that will help them enjoy their trip.  

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