URGENT: Hundreds of cats to be crushed in building demolition

Hundreds of stray cat who roam free at a deserted apartment in the capital’s Bang Khen district are at risk of being crushed to death as the building will be demolished within a few days.

According to an announcement on Rakmaw, an organization that helps cats, the Rachatrinamai flat which has been serving as a home of hundreds of kitties will be demolished soon with no one to help care for the cats.

Everyone knows what happens when kitties are alarmed and scared, they are likely to hide in the building when the demolition starts.

Volunteers have visited the scene regularly to feed the cats. The kitty photos are up for sharing to help spread the words, hoping people would come to adopt a cat.

Rakmaw is calling for your help, anyone who can provide a home, whether temporary or permanent, is encouraged to go pick up some cats.

Netizens on Rakmaw Facebook page are discussing they may gather to help move the kitties out of their apartment, but the date has not been set.

For more information, contact the four volunteers at the four numbers listed below.


And here’s the map to the apartment in case you want to visit and adopt the cats.


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