Update: Neighbor from hell claims ‘bullied’ by housing complex and security guards

Screenshot: Morning News
Screenshot: Morning News

The man we’ve taken to referring to as the “neighbor from hell” broke his silence for the first time since he was caught on CCTV violating a Bangkok housing complex, claiming it was retaliation for years of bullying against his family by the housing committee.

After the housing committee filed a police report against him on Tuesday, the 20-something man in question, identified only as Charnpath (we have a name!), met with inspectors at Hua Mak police station to give his side of the story.   

In a broadcast interview with Morning News, Charnpath admitted to, both, evading residential fees and trashing the complex streets with trash and urine. However, he claimed to have a good reason for doing so.

“The committee ask for [an annual fee of] about THB28,000 (US$841) per house. There are about 70 houses here, that means the committee make about THB2 million (US$60,000) a year,” Charnpath explained, helpfully doing the math for us.

Charnpath then made the point that THB1 million (US$30,000) is more than enough to hire security guards to station at the housing complex for the entire year.

“Where does the other million go? I don’t understand, so I don’t want to pay the fee,” he said of the fee that every other family in the entire complex pays.

His lawyer further alleged that the family has lived in the house long before the housing complex was bought by another company and developed the land, thus “the house is not part of the housing complex.” Hmm.

Though heavily criticized, Charnpath stands by his action — which again, involved tossing urine around a residential neighborhood —  further alleging that the complex has “bullied” his family for years now.

“After we didn’t pay the fee, the corporate manager ordered the security guards to ‘bully’ my family. They acted and spoke aggressively towards us … I cannot handle that kind of treatment towards my parents,” he explained.

When confronted by Morning News, the security guard, however, denied this claim and called Charnpath out for what he said were lies. “All I do is sit in my station and open the gates,” said the guard. “I’ve never interacted with him.”

But Charnpath wasn’t through quite yet.

“I’ve lived in America and Japan; nobody bullies their neighbor like this in those countries,” he said. “Thailand is the land of smiles … a Buddhist country. How could you do this? How could you let money be more important than neighbors?”  

Netizens, and certain Coconuts editors who shall remain nameless, remain unmoved by Charnpath’s statements.

“You bastard!” a comment said. “Everyone else pays the fee, why do you think you’re above it? ”

“If the security guard really did bully you, shouldn’t you be scared? You don’t act very scared. And even if you were bullied, this is not the way to react,” writes another.

Coconuts would like to add, having lived abroad ourselves, there are many, many mainstream examples of horrible neighbors that far exceeds asking for residential fees — like the Neighbors franchise, for instance (yes, we like Seth Rogen a lot).  

So, nice try, pee-throwing guy, but don’t think you can point fingers to divert our attention.

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