Trasher party mocks Dhammakaya, now Buddhist sect wants to trash them in court

Event organizers Trasher are known for their provocative parties but they may have pushed the envelope too far on Saturday when they poked fun at the headline-making Buddhist sect Dhammakaya.

Trasher made fun of the controversial sect by altering images of their bizarre-to-begin-with headquarters on a projection screen with a photoshopped photo of the temple’s infamous abbot Dhammachayo in fabulous costume at their “Bitch You Better work it work work work It out” event at Central World, according to Khaosod English.

Photo: Ko Langwat

The sect’s spokesperson, Ong-art Dhammanitta, announced at a press conference on Sunday that the group will take legal action against the party promoters for defamation but also for blasphemy, as they group claims the party’s theme was offensive to all of Buddhism, not just the Dhammakaya sect.They have called for all Buddhists to join them but that’s unlikely since many traditional Buddhists disapprove of the sect and its money-hungry ways.

Dhammakaya has been all over the news lately. The sect, which caters to rich Buddhists and encourages large donations, is being investigated and their leader, Dhammachayo, is wanted for allegedly receiving million of baht in embezzled money. He refused to surrender to police last Thursday and law enforcement had to surround the religious complex where he lives.

Trasher are a group of gay-friendly party promoters. The description on their Facebook page says: “What’s we do at Trasher ? We party, We dress up, We dance, We sing, We drink, We get drunk and if we get laid that’s a plus ;).”

They are known for sometimes controversial and sometimes funny events. However, they realize that, in this case, they may have gone to far and apologized on Sunday.

We bet a big donation might earn them merit and forgiveness from the Dhammakaya?

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