In today’s WTF news: Durian-flavored condoms coming soon

Does a durian-flavored condom sound good to you? If so, you might be able to count yourself as truly, deeply and exceptionally Thai.

According to social media and The Star today, an as-yet-unnamed Bangkok condom manufacturer is set to introduce the durian-flavored condom soon. They hope the product will appeal to the Asian market and are currently producing two billion condoms annually.

The company is soon opening a new facility that will allow them to produce 5 billion of the latex happy sleeves each year. No word on what percentage of those will be durian.

We have no idea what to expect from this product. Will it smell bad? Will it mask the smell of other things that smell bad? Will it cost more than other fruit-flavored condoms or maybe feature painful spikes for people that are into the rough stuff?

Since no one knows who is producing them or how the press got a, ahem, whiff of the situation; it could all be a hoax. We kinda hope it is.


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