There’s too much sex on these internets, National Reform Council concludes

ABOVE: Anyone who’s surfed online with a smartphone is likely to recognize this ad.

A junta-appointed reform body has gazed into the internet and were shocked to discover it was full of boobs.

A subcommittee of the National Reform Council tasked with social values and ethics is now on a mission to cleanse the webs of sexy advertisements after it found, after much careful study, that 60 percent of the online ads promote sex-related businesses.

According to state media, the council is apparently acting on the advice of a New Zealand uni teacher and morality crusader Paul Watters. 

Watters seems to believe that reforming the way ads are presented will forever protect Thai youth from such perilous sights.

One council member praised Watter’s findings as “relevant” to their morality campaign, warning that “unchecked consumption of such content can lead to “moral degeneracy.”

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