Thainet seethes with memes as parliament debate delays ‘the inevitable’

Photo: AlexWeixin and Jayybny/ Twitter
Photo: AlexWeixin and Jayybny/ Twitter

While tense debate continues this afternoon inside the parliament over Thailand’s next prime minister, people have been letting off steam online through a storm of memes and hashtags.

As the joint meeting between elected house and selected senate hotly debated the nominees’ qualifications and the validity of the process itself, #SettingUpGovernment #ChoosingaPM and #DemocratsBetrayedThePeople have become top-trending hashtags in Thailand.

Stay current on today’s parliament debate: Opposition demands Prayuth appear as parliament debates premiership

The last of which gets at the lion’s share of criticism going to the Democrat Party for its last-minute decision to side with the junta-aligned Phalang Pracharath Party, some played Distracted Boyfriend to complain they felt “tossed aside”

Many such as @Alexweixin were angry at the party for going back on its earlier promises not to support ongoing junta rule.

Like people threatening to leave the states after the 2016 election there, @Aom_Vvip was researching ways to flee the country “without any money.”

@Jayybny sees Prayuth’s likely stay in power as the beginning of a long, long winter.

Speaking for many, @Lesyjhn expressed astonishment they were still going in parliament.

Meanwhile some other citizens are making meme from of iconic poses from the parliament.

@PonPon asked whether it was worth all the effort from so many government agencies  (police, election commission, etc.) to keep Prayuth in power.

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