Thailand’s fight club will make Tyler Durden look like Mary Poppins

If you really want to watch sweaty men punch each other in the face, then Bangkok’s very own fight club, Full Metal Dojo 6, may be the event to make your knock out fantasies come true.

Full Metal Dojo will host MMA fights featuring strawweight champions Mitsatit, Wisava Kaweewarakor, Chamlobng Chaream, and to add a little diversity to the event Ibrahim Eid and Amr Elgohary from Egypt, Jan Steinbacher  from Germany, Luke Moleno from the Philippines and Nikolai Kozyrev from Russia are on the card.

For eager fight enthusiasts, Full Metal Dojo 6 will take place at the Insanity Night Club on Aug 22. Ticket prices range from THB1,200-THB1,500.

Photo: Courtesy of Full Metal Dojo


Full Metal Dojo 6

Aug 22, 5pm

Insanity Night Club

Sukhumvit Soi 12


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