Thailand reacts to Donald Trump’s presidential win

As Donald Trump closes in on the win in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Bangkokians, both local and expat took to social media with their immediate reactions, jokes, tears and some surprisingly interesting thoughts too.

Here is a roundup of what we saw on Twitter and Facebook in the hour after news networks started calling the election and CNN announced that Clinton had already called Trump to concede the race. All this comes, of course, before any official U.S. government announcement of the winner.


“Trump is the American that America wants. Hillary is the American the rest of the world wants.”


“If I was a U.S. citizen, I might have voted for Trump, but now I’m with the rest of the world and I need Hillary.”



“I don’t like Clinton, but Trump is, like, against everything: women, third-genders, other races and religions. Is he okay? What was his conflict as a child?”


“Disaster is here.”


“It’s the golden age.”



“The Simpsons, a satiric cartoon, has correctly predicted the future many times. Trump being the U.S. president is one of them.”


“It’s not weird that U.S. citizens voted for Trump because deep down, everybody is selfish, discriminating, and afraid of everything that’s different from them.”



“Clinton or Trump, they’re equally bad. Congratulations, America. Soon you will understand Thailand.”


“Trump gives American people all the benefits. True Americans get the best things. He doesn’t give a shit about the rest of the world.”



“It’s the end of work&travel agencies.”


“I read from international websites. It’s not about who won the votes. It’s about who people hate less. One is foul-mouthed; another is a big liar.”


“Still a great night,” Steve Harvey once said.


“No Muslims. No aliens. Cut out China. Help themselves first. They’re probably tired of playing the heroes who save the world, and they’re not wrong.”


“Where’s my Bernie? Gone with the wind. Haha.”


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