Thai Navy SEALs thank world for ongoing support and encouragement

Photo: Facebook/ Thai Navy SEAL

A day after one of the most memorable rescue missions we can ever remember, it’s probably appropriate that Thailand’s Navy SEALs publicly took a much-deserved bow today.

But in the statement posted to their official Facebook page this afternoon, they instead spent most of their time offering up praise to the countless people who comprised the support team that helped them complete what they termed an “operation the world will never forget.”

Their 18-day mission now in the rearview, the SEALs ran down a litany of rescue that included everyone from medics to monks, cooks to electricians, to the janitors that kept the rescue area clean throughout the day.

Check out their shout-out below, which praises what they regard as the “united force of humanity” at its best.

Even if they didn’t want to soak up the attention and gratitude for themselves, a video posted this morning — showing an enthusiastic crowd clapping and cheering on the SEAL team as they emerged from the cave — gives you just a taste of the universal admiration they enjoy right now.

The outpouring, of course, didn’t stop at current SEALs. While the world cheers for yesterday’s rescue, it’s also remembering Saman Kunan, the selfless rescue diver and former Navy SEAL who lost his life while placing oxygen tanks along the exit route in Luang Cave last Friday.

All in all, it’s a good reminder that “superheroes don’t always wear capes,” a phrase that’s been proclaimed by countless netizens on social media, and one that’s been proven true over the past two weeks.

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