Thai fortune teller shares shocking truth: We are not alone.

Images: Plai Navaracha / Facebook
Images: Plai Navaracha / Facebook

Finally, after lifetimes of searching, humanity received irrefutable evidence today that it is not alone in the universe.

In the end, it was not the SETI project nor even China’s FAST telescope that delivered the news that is sure to reshape human identity and society, uniting us in common purpose to reach for the stars. Nope, it was a Thai fortune teller who posted a 10-year-old pic of some ethereal light being in some woods.

Ghost-whisperer and doomsday-forecaster Plai Navaracha shared the photo without explanation of why she waited so long to free humanity from its interminable loneliness.

“You might not believe, but I do. This was taken by myself over 10 years ago in Australia,” she wrote. “Don’t just think that the entire galaxy has only humans like us.”

She went on to say that the visitors such as the one she stumbled upon may view humans as primitive.

“Open your ears and heart. Don’t think that we are the best. Don’t judge others if you haven’t read all the books on the planet. Believe me, aliens are real.”

Many negative naysayers took the comments to sabotage her great reveal, claiming without evidence that her “alien” had a much simpler explanation.

“This is called a flare, it happens when you take photos against the sunlight,” someone wrote. “You can try using a flashlight from your phone.”

Nice try, cynic. 

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