Thai celebs join douchey #DontJudgeChallenge

Following the harlem shakes and ice bucket challenges comes the latest internet fad that neither amuses nor cures any disease. In fact this time it’s pretty much an opportunity to show off your vanity.

Focus Jeerakul, who drew sympathy for last year’s tearful break-up rant, became one of the first Thai celebs to do the “Don’t Judge Challenge,” a viral global trend started to promote self-esteem that but actually came out as “judgmental.” Focus has been joined by other actors such as Pharunyoo “Tack” Rojanawuthitham and Pheerawas “Amm” Khunlanunwat, who have posted their versions to Instagram.

Originally inspired by Brit beauty blogger Em Ford who bared her bare face, pimples and all, in a YouTube video to inspire people to love their natural beauty (and promote her acne cover-up vids) regardless of what society thinks, millions of teens across the world responded with a “Don’t Judge Challenge” by posting videos of themselves in which they transform from “ugly” to “hot.”

Teens being teens, they broke with Ford’s spirit by having a good laugh at the uglies and intentionally putting on “ugly” face makeup such as fake unibrows, zits and scars, before revealing their “attractive self.” So they pretty much reinforce the worst notions of beauty and value some saw Ford as challenging.

Focus Jeerakul

Pharunyoo “Tack” Rojanawuthitham

Pheerawas “Amm” Khunlanunwat


วิดีโอที่โพสต์โดย Pheerawas Khunlanunwat (@ammdevilll) เมื่อ

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