Suvarnabhumi check-point employee fired for stealing passenger’s money

An Suvarnabhumi Airport security screener was fired today for attempting to steal money from a passenger’s wallet.

Rermruek Tongjattu, 25, who worked at an airport security checkpoint, confessed he attempted to steal SGD50 from a passenger’s wallet after the traveler placed it in the basket to go through the scanner at the checkpoint last month on Feb. 1. Rermruek’s attempt was thwarted by the passenger’s mother who just happened to witness the whole incident.

The mother, Jaemsuda Thompson,  said she filed a police report at the airport, however it went ignored until she shared her experience online Sunday, which spread quickly.

“I saw the employee take two Singapore dollar bills that I gave to my son from his wallet. The guy was quick … like he’s professional thief!” Jaemsuda wrote. “I yelled ‘What are you doing! What’s in your hand!?’ The guy’s face went pale and he only said my son dropped the money and he was trying to put it back.”

The accusation was ignored until it went viral on social media.

Rermruek handed himself in to Suvarnabhumi police today and will face charges, Thairath and Kapook reported.

Following the popular report, another Facebook user posted today claiming that all her money was stolen yesterday from her checked bag while traveling from Suvarnabhumi to New York’s JFK.

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