Suspects arrested after Thai police find 400kg of crystal meth and ketamine hidden in ambulances [PHOTOS]

Photo: Facebook/ Drama Rescuer, Wikimedia Commons/ Radspunk

On Sunday, Thai police discovered 400 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and ketamine hidden inside two ambulances in the Northern province of Phayao.

Around 8:30pm on Sunday night, the Region five DEA coordinated with the Dokkamtai Police Station to capture three tricky dealers who used private ambulances to transport their products from Chiang Rai to central Thai provinces.

The DEA reportedly followed the vehicles from its origin in Chiang Rai when police officers — who had stationed themselves near Dokkamtai district’s Sri Samran street according to the DEA’s route prediction — made the arrest in Phayao province, reported Sanook.

Upon spotting police, the ambulance did not stop. Instead, its passengers reportedly opened fire at authorities, shooting at them with a 9mm pistol.

In retaliation, police shot one of the ambulance’s front tires, which exploded and caused the vehicle to lose control and hit a roadside fence, according to Thairath.

Meanwhile, the other ambulance was stopped at a checkpoint in Muang District of Phayao province.

After searching both ambulances, police found nearly 300 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine — more commonly known as “ice” — and about 100 kilograms of ketamine.

The three suspects, along with the two ambulances, have been brought to the provincial police region five in Chiang Mai to be penalized in accordance with the law.  

Yesterday, Rangsan Nantakawong, mayor of Bueng Yitho municipality of Pathum Thani province, declared that the two ambulances and their staff belonged to a private company that the province normally hires for emergency service in Bueng Yitho, reported Post Today.

Rangsan further announced that Pathum Thani province has since dismissed all of the company’s services and that the provincial health office is currently in the process of finding them a new contractor.

In the meantime, they’ve temporarily solicited services from volunteer rescue foundations.

Photo: Facebook/ Drama Rescuer
Photo: Facebook/ Drama Rescuer
Photo: Facebook/ Drama Rescuer
Photo: Facebook/ Drama Rescuer