Surviving ‘sun bears’ rescued from temple

Four brave survivors of vile conditions in temple cages are certainly cleaner and hopefully happier today at a government facility for bears.

The four Malayan sun bears were rescued by the Department of National Parks after two others died awfully in captivity at Wat Nong Hoi in Prachuap Khiri Khan province, according to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, who called attention to their plight.

“The four remaining bears from the temple we visited two weeks ago have been rescued and moved,” the group announced Saturday. “They were taken yesterday to a government facility for bears where we will be able to provide help for improvements if that is found necessary.”

The group said it will “adopt” the bears by helping to pay for their care using funds donated by members of the public concerned about their welfare.


Surviving bears to be rescued from temple

Starved of light and food, temple ‘sun bear’ dies pitifully

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