Surrogate moms sue to recover their many, many babies

The surrogate mothers of nine babies fathered by a Japanese man and taken into care by Thai authorities last year have launched legal proceedings to regain custody of the infants, an official said Wednesday.

The alleged father, Mitsutoki Shigeta, who has also initiated legal action to take custody of the babies, left Thailand as a surrogacy scandal erupted in August following the discovery of nine babies in a Bangkok apartment.

Tests revealed he is the biological father of at least 15 babies born to surrogates in the kingdom, although his motives for fathering so many children remain unclear.

Thai social services have been caring for the nine infants for the last six months, although the mothers have been allowed regular visits.

Six of the mothers, who police said were each paid around THB400,000 to be surrogates, have now launched civil proceedings to get their babies back.

“They are seeking custody of the children,” Suvanna Pinkaew, an official from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, told AFP.

Their lawsuit, filed at a juvenile and family court, alleges that authorities are failing to care for the children adequately, she added, though she rejected the accusation.

“We never said the mothers cannot get the children back… but they need to pass through the ministry’s process,” Suvanna said.

That process includes proving they can care for the children and have a child-safe family background, the official added.

Story: AFP


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