This Songkran, dress appropriately or risk rape, moral authorities warn

As Songkran approaches, state media warns today that the sexual assault of women is caused by their choice in attire, according to recognized moral authorities.

Discipline, patience and responsibility were among “7 Values” the Moral Promotion Center urges the public to adhere to if it wishes to remain safe “during this festive but often fatal season.”

Center Director Sin Suesuan said there is a high rate of accidents “mainly caused by disputes, alcohol usage, unsafe driving, and sexual assault due to inappropriate attire.”

It’s heartening to see the old blame-the-victim-she-had-it-coming attitude about violence against women survived Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha’s apology last year for suggesting the same. Rapists have been unfairly victimized far too long by women forcing their grabby hands by not hiding their bodies.

Here are the 7 Values suggested to secure our collective safety:

1.    Discipline – Follow the rules underlined by society, such as Traffic Laws, safe driving within the speed limit, avoid crosscutting others. When using public transportation we must stand in line.
2.    Be patient – Avoid gambling, and tolerate anger from those who are drunk and others to avoid potential fights.
3.    Kindness – Show kindness, help and support one another
4.    Giving – Be sharing, be giving, and be helpful to others and the society, like offering seats to elders.
5.    Responsibility – know one’s duties in society, to guarantee the safety of others. eg. Bus drivers, pilots.
6.    Consciousness – know what one’s actions may lead to; not drinking while or before driving.
7.    Caution – Be careful in everything that we do, don’t do anything that may harm or injure yourself or others. 



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