SOLD OUT: Girls’ Generation to play Bangkok in first show of 2014

Last year Girl’s Generation set a record in Thailand by selling out a performance within 10 minutes, and this year Thai fan girls reported tickets were sold out in four hours, which explains Saturday’s long lines at Thai Ticket Major.

Girls’ Generation, the Korean girl band will stage “Girls & Peace” in Bangkok in January at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani. As a New Year’s gift, the concert will be the girls’ first for 2014, so Korean extravagance is guaranteed.

Fun fact: With over six years’ experience stoking Thai fever for K-everything, their single “Gee” can often be heard playing in the background at Siam Square. Browsing through Thai fans’ forums, many netizens claim the “Gee” means Jesus. This adds an entirely new dimension of spiritual and metaphysical depth to a genre of music already known for pushing the boundaries of human philosophy.

Or not. Either way, we’ll continue to appreciate “Gee” for all of its dancing eye-candy.

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