Soi ladyboy: Sex tourist’s ‘beautiful walk to the beach’ video upsets Thais

A video showing how many sex workers a tourist has to encounter on his way to a Pattaya beach was heavily criticized by Thai netizens after it was shared on Liveleak.

The two-minute video, sarcastically titled “A beautiful morning walk to the beach,” shows dolled-up ladyboys approaching the cameraman and flirting with him in a red light district which a user identified as Soi 6 in South Pattaya.

Honestly, it didn’t look like he was going to the beach.

The video has received over 150,000 views on YouTube and has been heavily slammed by Thai users.

“This is not truth in Thailand. You tourists make Thailand look bad because you choose to go to places like this and never experience the real normal Thai community,” a Thai channel which reposted the viral video wrote.

“These places are dirty and all you see is foreigners and prostitutes everywhere. You ever wonder why normal Thai people are not there. That’s because we are not dumb. Don’t ever think that this is normal Thailand.”

“You go temple you will see monk [sic],” user Miko Bebe wrote. “You go office you will see working woman. You go school you will see student. If you go bar Pattaya you will see the hole girl (But 99% in clip is ladyboy) The place that you go is you are.”

Other users seemed amused by the sex tourist’s supposed amazement over his morning walk.

“Easy guys, he just got too excited. Clearly, no one wants him back in his country,” Kaewthai wrote.

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