Skullbreaker: Thai cops warn public against latest viral dumbassery

Teens who’ve avoided Tide detergent pods or having their Bangkoks kicked are now being warned against a “very dangerous” and potentially fatal social media prank.

A top brain doctor warned yesterday that the viral “Skullbreaker” prank, which has spread primarily on TikTok, can result in serious head trauma, paralysis or even death, while the police said it was tantamount to committing assault.

The stunt, deemed a “challenge” in internet-speak, involves two people flanking a third to ostensibly jump simultaneously for a photo. When the dupe in the middle innocently jumps, the other two use their feet to sweep their legs out from underneath them, causing them to fall to the ground. 

Thanin said parents and teachers should be aware of the prank, though there is no evidence of it happening in Thailand. It’s yet unclear whether the stunt, which emerged in recent days, has spread faster than the moral panic.

Col. Kritsana Pattanacharoen, national police spokesman, also warned of criminal action. Anyone “proven to intentionally” harmed another faces up to 10 years in jail and a fine. 


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