Rihanna ping-pong show tweets upset Thai fans

Rihanna’s visit to Thailand last weekend quickly became the hottest topic of discussion on Thai social networks when the superstar tweeted about her experience at a classic tourist trap – the ping-pong show.

Many Thais feel the singer’s choice of words was disrespectful. Her critics weren’t concerned with her promotion of the country’s sex industry to her 31 million Twitter followers, rather they took issue with her use of the phrase “only in #Thailand” , tweeted after describing her ping-pong show experience.

Some netizens pointed out that Rihanna’s choice of words was somewhat ironic considering that she is about as well-known for her music as she is for her sex tape.

Others noted that sex shows have been performed in Thailand for years and it is ironic that Thais would make a big deal out of Rihanna’s truthful tweets.

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